About Meg

Margaret ‘Meg’ R Head is an accomplished artist who has exhibited in England and the United States for over twenty years. Her work in graphite, watercolour and oil is unified by her drive to capture the nuanced play of light across natural and built forms. 

It is therefore fitting that a study of JMW Turner’s method by Martin Kinnear drew her to learn oil painting at the Norfolk Painting School. Drawing on her experience of studying past masters and contemporary artists during the NPS Diploma course, she melds the ephemeral quality of light (captured through traditional oil painting techniques) with the immediacy of impasto contemporary work.

For Meg, plein air painting inspires a marriage of place and emotion within the painting. One of the hallmarks that guides her vision is the belief that art and its expression is cumulative; that a vignette of a place opens a window for the imagination to dwell and travel — whether in the act of painting or in the act of observation.

I have known Meg now for many years, at first, as another artist, and in more recents times, as a friend and fellow associate. During that time we have been on many colourful and exciting voyages together with our work. It has been my honour and pleasure to instruct and mentor her on occasions. I have always been in awe of her sensitivity that she brings to each and every subject that she paints. A sensitivity so apparent that it cannot fail to embed itself into her work and her world. This sensitivity that is sometimes lacking in my own work, but, never in Meg’s ! I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for sharing that with all of us through her paintings. Her voice, albeit an unusual one, calls to us …. To take another look at the world around us ! Thank you, dearest of friends. 

Trevor Waugh BA (Slade)